GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 1/5 - Completely easily
Track length: 4.25 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 3 Meters
Total Descent: 71 Meters

F-3.5 “Ruta de la Cascarilla” Landangui -Malacatos, 4.3 km

Distance         4.3 km

Time               1.5 hours

Altitude          1545 m – 1475 m

Ascent            05 m

Descent          75 m

Rating             Very easy

Start               Trailhead Landangui. 250 meters from the Landangui Intersection

End                 Malacatos trailhead next to the Rio Malacatos steel bridge.


After the last differences with the residents at the Landangui trail end about the final routing of the trail have been settled, this easy trail along the Malacatos River between Landangui and Malacatos is now open to the public. This trail is another proof, that the current administration with the Bourgmestre Dr. José Bolívar Castillo is serious about improving the touristic infrastructure in the Loja Canton. The almost flat trail can be hiked from either side. Access from Vilcabamba to either trailhead can be by “Vilcatouris” or “Tursur” – busses. For the Landangui trailhead, get off the bus 200 meters before The Landangui intersection on the Malacatos road. The Malacatos trailhead you find between the steel Bridge and the first traffic lights right in Malacatos town. Since this trail has been opened with heavy machinery, it’s more of a road than just a hiking trail. But things will improve, once the machine scars are overgrown.           

Route: 250 meters from the Landangui intersection towards Malacatos, you find the roofed wooden entrance gate to this trail. It’s almost impossible to get lost on this wide track. It follows all the way on the right hand bank and within sight of the Malacatos River. The fierce dog, near the start of the trail, which attacked and had bitten the author of this article at the occasion of the first research for this hike, meanwhile disappeared. A nice roofed rest place with a fire pit is also provided for the tired hiker. Along the trail you find some ruins and rests of houses, which had to be abandoned by their former owners in order to comply with the new laws regarding the public use of the river banks. The river to your left, many Small farms to your right, you cross a landscape not accessible before the creation of this new trail.




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