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A word about Responsibility & safety.

Even though the author tried to research the trails as precise as possible and puts much effort in keeping the Information updated, things are not static and change constantly. Landslides occur, new roads are cut into the landscapes, landowners erect new fences, old ones are torn down, gates are newly locked or unlocked, new bridges erected ore washed away, trails overgrown after the rainy season etc. With more than 300 recorded hiking kilometers, I won't be able to check all the trails more than once a hiking season.

No guidebook or website can replace common sense nor make up for a lack of experience. Therefore, responsability always remains with the hiker. He has to collect all the information regarding the planned hike, has to equip himself accordingly, observe the weather, and check the river-levels before fording etc.    

The author cannot take responsibility for any mishaps, accidents or other occurrences related to the information given in this website.


How to use the map guide.

The numbering of the hiking tracks is by geographical orientation.

A-Tracks for the eastern direction of Vilcabamba. (El Palto waterfall, Las Palmas- & Solomaco Refugios etc.)

B-Tracks for the north-eastern direction of town, (Cerro Guaranga, Sunungo- Uruchi– Uchima valleys)

C-Tracks for the north western direction, (Cararango pass, Cucanama, El Chaupi, canal road)

D-Tracks for the south western direction, (Mandango, Lambunuma pass, Tumianuma, Masanamaca)

E-Tracks for the southerly direction, (Mollepamba, Montesueño, Yasanga, Cerro Sananangui)

F-Tracks for out of the valley tracks like Cajanuma & Bombuscara sections of PN Podocarpus, old Road Rumizhitana)

0.1 / 0.2 stand for variations of the same track.

You also can filter the tracks by name, difficulties or track lenghts.

By moving the cursor over the elevation profile you can follow the track and get the distance and altitude of the respective section indicated. By clicking on the pins in the map, a window with additional information pops up. You can resize the map by clicking on the  + / -   Icons. You also have a choice of four different map types.