GPS Track Details
Difficulty: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 11.75 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 48 Meters
Total Descent: 31 Meters

F-3.9 Sendero Ecologico Loja Norte


Also called “Sendero Ecologico La Banda”


Distance         11.7 km

Time               2.5 – 3.0 hours

Altitude          2035 m – 1985 m

Ascent            65 m

Descent          50 m

Rating             Very easy

Start               Trailhead north end park Jipiro, Loja

End                 Main entrance park Jipiro, Loja F-3.9 Sendero Ecologico Loja Norte

This easy, flat loop hike along both banks of the Zamora River at the north end of Loja city, was created by the current administration of the Loja canton (2018). The trail on the western bank was named Sendero Occidental, while the one on the east bank is the Sendero oriental.

Hiking-directions: To get to the start of the trail, you can take a taxi directly to the trailhead at the Jaime Roldos street at the north end of park Jipiro, (The taxi-drivers know the place) or you can take any bus from down town, which passes park Jipiro, the SOLCA hospital or the Teatro Nacional Benjamín Carrión. In the latter case you can hike north inside Park Jipiro to the official trail gate. You can’t get lost on this trail. It follows all the way the banks of Rio Zamora, inside the “Bioparque orillas del Zamora”, parts of it nicely shaded by green lush forests which make you forget the closeness of the city to the south. There are about 5 bridges across the river, by which you can short cut the hike at any time, if the total length of 12 Kilometers is too much for your energy. 1.8 kilometers into the trail, you pass the Loja zoo on the rear. You might meet a pair of tapirs dozing away in the shade right at the fence, next to the trail. 400 meters later you pass the Go-Kart race track (Cartodromo Municipal) on your left. After another kilometer you cross the Road Eduardo Palacios near the “Colegio Militar Lauro Guerrero”. After 4.6 Kilometers into the trail you get to Bus terminal of the Barrio “El Sauces norte”. “El Sauces” means “the willows”, which describes the type of landscape surrounding this place best. If you think you had enough, you can board a bus back into town right here. Else, you can continue on this side of the river, or take another short cut-bridge just near the terminal. From “El Sauces” it’s another kilometer to the final turning point at the bridge just below the old Loja-Cuenca road, which you have to follow for two hundred meters. Just next to the bridge, on the east bank of the river, you find a big, messy construction site, where the new sewage plant for Loja is being constructed. Crossing to the east bank to the river, heading back south, you cross open pastures or “Sauces” with numerous cows and horses grazing along. Near the end of the trail you cross a beautiful forest of old Eucalyptus trees. Marking the end of the trail is another of this pretending gates. Crossing the “Jaime Roldos” Street, you enter park Jipiro, 700 meters away from its main-entrance. Few steps from the Jipiro main entrance you’ll find the bus stop for busses to down town.



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